With all due respect, Quint Studer

I was listening to Mr. Studer on the RIck Outzen’s Show yesterday afternoon when Mr. Studer threw out a statement that made me laugh, while talking about the growth of downtown and his new construction projects. I will paraphrase “the Free Market works much better because it allows the individual to create these projects.” With all due respect Mr. Studer, I really do not think you understand the Free Market the way you say you do. In a Free Market, the government wouldn’t fund half of your baseball stadium. They wouldn’t provide you tax breaks or other incentives to entice you to start you projects. The government is not supposed to be your financial partner in a Free Market. By the government giving you “free” money, they are actually picking winners and losers thus creating an environment that is the opposite of the Free Market. Now please understand, I am grateful for what you are doing to improve downtown and I hope you continue. If you truly believe and preach the Free Market system, I do suggest that you practice it also.