The Power of the Cross

Tuesday night’s rally to Save the Cross at Bayview Park was a fantastic and powerful event.


Around 400 people of mixed faith were in attendance to stand in support of keeping the Cross at Bayview Park.  We heard from a Rabi and other Preachers and Priests from each domination supporting the Cross.  Mike Bates, the owner of 1330AM and Mike Hill did a wonderful job bringing the participants together very rapidly.  Former State Senator Greg Evers have created a non-profit to lease out that property for a year and has already submitted a check to the city in good faith.  This is the best option for keeping the cross and avoiding future attorney fees.

The city has rung up hefty attorney fees during Mayor Hayward’s time in office and if they turn down Evers’ offer, it will appear more fees will be accumulating.  This could have been avoided if the Mayor would have chosen a City Attorney who could practice federal law.  He has a city councilwoman in Sherri Myers that can, but not a city attorney.

I truly hope the city takes the Evers groups proposal and ends this once and for all.  The good news is that the People are taking matters into their own hands and not waiting for government to come up with answers.  Maybe this is the true power of the Bayview Cross.