Reign in the outgoing Commissioner

“Can one generation bind another and all others in succession forever? I think not.”

Thomas Jefferson, 1824


When an employee resigns or retires from their job, all their decisions in the final months are overlooked by supervisors or their replacement.  This protects the company from an outgoing employee going “rogue” or causing the company possible financial or legal troubles.  But when a politician announces he/she will not run again or is voted out, they try to cram as many favors for their friends, as possible, before they leave office, without oversight.


This practice hurts the incoming representative and it hurts our county.  We have seen it many times here in Escambia County. Recently, a Commissioner who was knowingly stepping down, committed millions of dollars to a controversial project to satisfy a friend and/or donor.  He bound county funds knowing he would never have to answer for his decision to the voters. This needs to stop. Period. We need better checks and balances to ensure responsible government.  Incumbents who are stepping down need to be held in check to make sure the sanctity of their district stays intact long after they leave office.