Rational Thinking is not for the Left

Rational thinking has officially abandoned the Left.  Democrats are now going after the name Robert Lee.  Robert Lee is an Asian was to broadcast the University of Virginia football game.  ESPN has announced that he will be taken off the broadcasts because his name is offensive.  This will never end until the Statue of Liberty and the US Constitution are no more.  In case you were not aware, that is the end game for the Democrats.  They wish to do away with the Constitution and install a Socialist government.  They keep failing, so now they are going after history piece by piece.

Do we praise slave owners and those who wish to go back to slave days?  Of course not!  At some point in time we need to put our collective foot down and say “enough is enough”.  If it isn’t with the Robert E Lee statues, then it needs to be right after that.  The Left will be going after George Washington and Thomas Jefferson’s Statues next, claiming that they were slave owners.  Even Lincoln is not safe.  The Democrats are trying to erase our history and all the good and sacrifices that our forefathers did to bring us the opportunity of freedom.  The Left hates freedom and wants to control everybody.

I fear right now for anyone who is named Robert Lee.  God forbid if their middle initial is “E”.  The left will claim that they are racists.  I am sure the rock that they came from, people name themselves, we know that they give themselves their own gender, but on the surface where normal people are born and live, parents give names to children.  So when you run into a Robert Lee, or a Bob Lee, do not judge a man by a name, judge a man by his actions.  This message is for you the “Tolerant Left”.