My opinion of #openGaetz night

What should have been a great night for Democracy, once again turned into a yelling match, not between Matt Gaetz and the protesters, but between the protesters themselves. The Democrats came early and got 90% of the raffle tickets which were used to determine who gets to ask the questions. Even when a Democrat was asking a question, other protesters were yelling and screaming. This wasn’t about free speech or about voicing an opinion, this was nothing more than an attempt to disrupt a meeting. The protesters tried many “gotcha” questions, but to Congressman Gaetz credit, he held firm in his beliefs and decisions. It was apparent that the crowd was only there to agitate when the Congressman agreed with the protesters that Trump should release his tax returns and the crowd still was mad and continued to yell at him. The most embarrassing part of the night for me, being in health care, was listening to the flat out lies by a Pediatrician (which she reminded us of 9x) about how Obamacare saved her clinic. Knowing her past, I know for a fact the true story and it isn’t anything close to that, but she wanted to get a pat on the back from her Democrat friends and “be special”, so she fabricated/over-exaggerated a big part of her story to fit the mood of the crowd. What lacked here tonight was facts. Neither side produced hard evidence to support their claims. To Matt’s defense, he could have had the God deliver the facts to support his claims, and the protesters would have booed God off the stage. I wasn’t a big Matt Gaetz guy before the election, but if he continues to deliver Liberty and continues to try and abolish these anti Constitutional organizations, I will become his biggest fan. And as for the protesters, time to rethink your game plan. You are not winning, and you are looking very bad in the process. #whiners#sorelosers