Lets clean up Ferry Pass

I have started walking the Ferry Pass neighborhood and knocking on doors this past week. The two things that stick out the most is that there are a lot of dilapidated houses and there are a lot of great homeowners who are concerned about these houses.

There are a few ways to make neighborhoods better. One, the community as a whole can get together and assist the current homeowner in making their house not such an eyesore. Many cannot afford the proper repairs. For those who can but refuse, you can file multiple complaints with Code Enforcement. Calling code enforcement should only happen if the homeowner is unwilling to cooperate. You should make every attempt to keep an open line of communication with all your neighbors and only use the government as a last resort.
You may also file an online complaint to Code Enforcement.

Ferry Pass is a great older neighborhood, but in recent years, we have seen houses unattended and some homes that are suspected drug dealers. If you suspect a home of proceeding in illegal activity, please call the Escambia County Sheriff’s office at : (850) 595-3700. You will need the exact address and the reason why you feel it is a drug house. The way someone looks does not qualify as suspicion. I plan on bringing more street lights and sidewalks forĀ better safety and would love to see a community center behind the fire station off Johnson Ave.

Know your Neighborhood. Lets clean up Ferry Pass together.