A Win-Win situation

I was helping with the clean up of Carpenters Creek last Saturday after a long week of listening to budget talks with the county commissioners, when I came up with an idea to help both simultaneously.   I had a conversation on Facebook with a gentleman who claimed to be currently working at the county jail and he said that there are homeless people who were picked up for panhandling, awaiting trail, that are requiring medical services.  This puts a huge drain on the tax payers and the commissioners who are configuring a budget.  There are far too many in the jail right now awaiting trail.  Many are still in jail because they could not afford the bail money.  Let these non-violent non-repeatable offenders do street clean up and waterway clean up in exchange for their bail money.  This is a Win-Win for the county and the taxpayers.  Our waterways, creeks, rivers, bays, parks, beach fronts and streets will be clean and presentable, and the county will not have to continue paying for these inmates food, shelter, and medical expenses.  For the ones who cannot physically do such a clean up, let them work at a shelter, or another nonprofit location to earn their bail money.  We need to reduce our pre-trial population in the county jail and this could be one way to make it happen.