Running for County Commissioner District 4

  • Improved streets and drainage.  More street lights and sidewalks allowing children to safely get back and forth to schools and parks
  • More parking and better traffic flow on Pensacola Beach
  • Improve ADA Access from the Ferries to the beach and total beach access for disabled individuals
  • Stormwater Management
  • Create an environment for long term sustainable jobs to keep UWF and PSC graduates local
  • Beautification of our waterways, including retention ponds, creeks, rivers, and bay and gulf fronts.
  • Restore Carpenter Creek
  • Refurbish or Replace existing schools to make more modern, technically advanced, and energy efficient.
  • Create a safer and healthier Escambia County

My wife and I are the owners of Florida Pediatric Clinic on Michigan Ave and also of Proclaims Medical Billing.  We started both companies from scratch, without government assistance.  We recognized the need on the west side for a pediatric clinic.  After we opened in 2010, many patient’s parents sighed with relief of the convenience we offered.  That recognition of need is my greatest asset to the community and how I will be able to assist in making Escambia County better.  It is not always about building more houses or building more “tech” parks.  The greatest good any government can do is to stop picking winners and losers and just get out of the way.  Government should be creating an environment for everyone to succeed, and that  is how this county will prosper.  Infrastructure and public safety are the two most important government functions.  We need a well staffed Sheriff’s Department, better paved roads, and stormwater management to prevent flooding.  These three items along with an improved school system and our gorgeous beaches will automatically bring more jobs to the area.  We have to create an environment for businesses to flourish, thrive and relocate to Escambia County.  I am the one who will make that happen.  Vote Bill Fetke on August 28, 2018