Putting Needs before Wants

Bill Fetke is the only business owner in the District 4 race.  Bill’s experience in budgeting is crucial considering the tight budget the county has right now.  Yes, we are receiving more revenue yearly, but salaries and expenses are growing at that same rate.  Mr. Fetke and his wife are business partners at Children’s Clinic of Pensacola, PA.  For the last 9 years Bill has been able to grow their Medicaid clinic each year, without government grants, even though the Medicaid reimbursements are low.

Growing up in a lower middle class neighborhood in the Chicago suburbs, Bill understands the challenges of breaking through to the next income bracket.  His parent’s hard work and determination to improve paid off, as they were able to move out of a gang infested Elgin School District and moved to an upper middle class town with A+ schools.  Bill wants to use that experience to help lead in picking up the community and ending “generational welfare”.

After spending 14 years in the residential mortgage business and the last 12 years in healthcare, Bill Fetke has the experience to lead Escambia County into the next decade.

Please check out the ISSUES tab to see Bill Fetke’s views on the most pressing issues the county faces today.

Bill and family                                    
Bill and Landa are members of the Escambia County and Florida Republican Party

Bill is a board member of the Panhandle Tiger Bay Club

Bill is a member of Panhandle Tiger Bay Club

Bill and Landa are members of the Women for Responsible Legislation

Bill and Landa are donors and members of the Filipino-American Association

Bill is a contributor and a sponsor to the Sickle Cell Anemia Association

Bill was a professional wrestler and donated countless hours as a volunteer to charity events

Bill and his wife Landa attend both Cathedral of the  Sacred Heart and First Pentecostal Church