Well Connected…..with the People

Bill Fetke was born and raised in a conservative lower middle-class neighborhood where he watched his parents struggle and eventually see their hard work pay off as they moved out of a gang-infested Elgin School District outside of Chicago, IL and into an upper middle class neighborhood. That inspiration molded his work ethic and inspired me to help others achieve the same dream.Bill spent 15 years in the mortgage industry and having the privileged of working in every department within the industry. Bill worked directly as a loan officer specializing in new construction and manufactured homes, dealing primarily with low income housing needs, an educator for Wells Fargo on approving loans, a “blue collar” mortgage originator.  Bill arrived to Pensacola in 2003 and joined Proclaims Medical Billing, LLC in 2005 with his wife Landa Fetke doing practice management consulting for doctors where they have assisted many physicians in opening and expanding their clinics.  Bill is the founder and co-owner of Florida Pediatric Clinic.  Bill and his wife partnered with Dr. Maria Elene Rodriguez in 2010 to open Florida Pediatric Clinic, PLLC on Pine Forest Rd.  They outgrew the office on Pine Forest and moved to Michigan Ave in 2013.  Since Dr Rodriguez’s retirement at the end of 2017, Bill Fetke merged Florida Pediatric Clinic with Children’s Clinic of Pensacola and now offers two locations for patients’ convenience.  Bill is bringing his experience of job creation to help others thrive in Escambia County.  Bill owns his own home and has been living in District 4 for the past five years.  “I do understand the challenges and successes of the district, and I look forward to eliminating those challenges and creating more successes, I believe in Escambia County, my home and the people who live here”.  Vote Bill Fetke August, 2018
Bill and family
Bill and Landa are members of the Escambia County and Florida Republican Party

Bill is a board member of the Panhandle Tiger Bay Club

Bill is a member of Panhandle Tiger Bay Club

Bill and Landa are members of the Women for Responsible Legislation

Bill and Landa are donors and members of the Filipino-American Association

Bill is a contributor and a sponsor to the Sickle Cell Anemia Association

Bill was a professional wrestler and donated countless hours as a volunteer to charity events

Bill and his wife Landa are members of Sacred Heart Church and First Pentecostal Church